Where Does the Laundry go in a Newly Built Single-Family House in the Recent Years?

Thinking about building a new home ?

For many laundry lovers, the location of their laundry room is a huge deal within a single-family home. If you are wondering why, while many people consider putting their laundry room way down in the basement, others believed that that would be way too far from the main rooms and it may become a dreadful experience having to go to the basement for EVERY LOAD. Therefore, finally developers and architects found a way to either fit the laundry room in the main floor or the third floor which is usually where most of the rooms are within the house.

Benefits ?

Most people already dread having to do their laundry all together but what if it is only 5-10 steps away rather than two to three full set of stairs away and back up? The point is that it is definitely more convenient efficient and effortless.

Where does the laundry room usually go in custom built home ?

Most people place the laundry room on either the main floor or the third floor which is the floor with all the bedrooms. The laundry’s location in the basement has no use because it is quite far from the kitchen and the bedrooms. There is nothing in the basement that would require laundry use unless you are sharing the laundry with the suite that you might have in the basement. Some may argue that it would be too noisy if it is placed close to the bedrooms but now a days, technology has evolved, and new washer dryers are not as noisy, and buildings have way more insulation to prevent sound transfer from room to room.

IRACA Construction’s architect and designer always attempts to put the laundry room of each of our custom built houses on the floor with the most bedrooms if the square footage allows and if there is enough space for it. If that is not a possibility the laundry room will be place on the main floor where it is still close to the bedrooms and accessible by the kitchen users.

IRACA keeps high standards and applies them throughout all the of the projects and material use of the project. By using high quality custom home design techniques and materials, we try to achieve our goal of a luxury and durable built home!
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