3818 Michener Way, North Vancouver

Upper Lynn
  • 1,100 SQFT
  • 2 Bedrooms
  • 1 Bathroom
Project Brief

With the goal of taking a plain living area that had no bathroom or kitchen and converting it into a stunning brand new basement suite, Iraca Group Construction helped the family in Michener way, get exactly what they were envisioning. We began this project by preparing a 3D design of the house and discussing every detail in order to make sure that the future renovation would meet our client’s needs and expectations.

Once the 3D design was completed and approved by our client, a camera inspection was done to ensure that the path of the future drains under the basement slab were clearly seen. After the preparation phase, the demolishing began and a two feet wide trench was cut out from under the slab in order to connect the drains from the main house to the basement suite together. Once all the drains were installed below the basement slab, the extra walls were built and new ducking was installed for the future dryer. The next step in the construction phase was to install ducking for laundry, bathroom, kitchen, and in the ceiling as well as completing the wiring for the heating of the unit. Finally the suite was tiled with beautiful matte white marble texture porcelain and painted with a bright moonstone color which gave a spacious and fresh feeling to the unit. The white acrylic cabinet with white counter tops, complimented the steel appliances and makes the kitchen an ideal must have kitchen for anyone living there.

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