What are Some 2019 Built-In Interior Features used in Most Edgemont Homes?

Construction and Plan Based Features:

IRACA’s interior designer has been noticing some features that are being used these days that could make your everyday living much more pleasant and comfortable. Some of these features that are now being applied are not only in the appliances and the technology installed on the house but are the changes within the plan which are made to make the home more luxury. One example is having a bar or and a theater room designed into the plan of the house for construction, all as part of one house. Many home builders are also putting gym rooms, an area where they, after construction is done, install mirror walls to give it the “Gym Vibe”; of course this is kind of an old feature but many builders are still using it as it has proven to be an attractive feature and a great selling feature for the newly build homes.


Many homes in the Edgemont area, such as 3333 Ayr Avenue have their own bar, gym and theater room all in one basement and have also added a legal basement suite. This feature that IRACA used has three benefits to it, firstly, one side of the basement can be used for its’ amenities, such as, its gym, bar, relaxing area and theater room by the owners or the people living at the house. Secondly, the owner can use the built-in suite in the basement as a mortgage helper so that the owner is not stuck with all of the expenses of the house. There are other houses that IRACA has built with two suites in the basement so that the owner can have two sources of mortgage helpers . Lastly, as mentioned before, it is a great selling feature on the house. Once clients find out that they don’t have to pay for a gym membership anymore and or can hold their own gatherings with a bar included, it could potentially make them want the place more. When you build with IRACA, your options are always open as we can make anything happen in order to make your living as convenient, comfortable and luxury as possible in your search of dream homes OR just sell your house probably quicker than your competitors.

Check-in for our next post on Built-In Technology Features being used on newly built homes !